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Technology to build right the first time

Meet market demands with innovative workflows and proven ROI. Our technology enables workers to quickly become proficient and productive with processes that improve accuracy and control, reduce errors, and save time. Our layoutfloor flatness and levelness, and construction-verification solutions improve collaboration and outcome

Leverage digital productivity 

Construction projects need skilled labor, which is in short supply these days. This situation accelerates the need for technology solutions that help workers become proficient and productive quickly. By digitizing layout, the ROI includes driving both experienced and new workers to a more productive solution with less errors.

Avoid costly mistakes

Costs and workload increase when things are installed in the wrong place and when processes are not sequenced correctly. With our solutions, you can detect mistakes and quality issues early on to avoid costly rework. Build to plan 100% of the time. Use the latest reality capture technology to verify for better oversight and control of construction processes.

Bring BIM designs to life

We have digital solutions that will integrate well within your software stack. Our trusted point-creation and file-sharing workflows connect seamlessly with Autodesk BIM and other formats. Take your coordinated models to the field and build to plan with no hiccups or snags.